Wine marketing association

Wein Steiermark

The Wine Marketing Association of Styrian Wine (Wein Steiermark, formerly MG Wein) was established in 1987 to assure that Styrian wine is marketed in accordance with its high quality and high reputation. This association covers wine production and marketing at all levels and includes vintners, trade and cooperatives as well as other interest groups.

The Wine Marketing Association assists Styrian vintners in the marketing of their quality wines. Advertising is designed for Styrian wines, with the association being represented at top-market events in Austria and elsewhere. These tactics are intended to assure the further national and international commercial success of Styrian wines.

The Wine Marketing Association also targets the individual wine connoisseur to reach new markets.

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Wein Steiermark
Hamerlinggasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria